Lahti Formula K


Lahti Formula K-Club was established in 1977.  Our goal is to bring together all karting enthusiasts within the Lahti district, build up the team spirit and promote karting as a positive influence for young people and their parents.

The club operates during the summer time at the Lahti Motorsport Centre, Pippo, which is located near the Lahti – Helsinki Motorway, Lakkilantie 193.  Active karting season is from April to October.

In the springtime during the month of May, we have a driving school for young beginner karting drivers from ages 6 to 10.  During the season there are two or three major race weekends as well as variable number of smaller races or club evenings. Check the calendar for the Race days.

With the help of the driving school, many young drivers and their parents have found this a great activity.  Lahti Formula K-Club has guided and helped many young drivers to begin their careers in motorsports.  A good example is Valtteri Bottas, who started his career in Lahti Circuit and is now a professional driver in Formula 1.  Many other successful drivers have also started their careers in Lahti.