Rental Cars


Lahti Formula K-Club organizes rental driving on Lahti Circuit.

The rental season is from April through to the end of September.  The season opening depends on the weather conditions.  There will be no driving in the rain.

The new club karts are:

  • Italian energy Corse Kinetic racing chassis.
  • B & S world formula environmentally friendly, modern and powerful 4-stroke racing engine.
  • Output is approximately 15 hp and enough speed for everyone.
  • Racing tires have enough grip for the experienced driver.

For younger drivers we have Raket 85cc and 60cc karts: a good way to get familiar with karting.  The circuit time is a minimum of 10 minutes.  Rental driving will be blended in with other drivers.

Prices                €                 Age Limit

Cadet 60            10               6 – 9
Raket 85            15               10 – 14
Energy               20               15 ->

Our professional staff will guide and train the beginners prior to entering the circuit.  All gear such as helmets, helmet hoods, overalls and gloves are included.  Proper shoes must we worn e.g. tennis or driving shoes.

The use of your own gear is allowed however they must meet the safety regulations.  Staff will check all gear before driving.